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The Indepal Story

The motto at Indepal is Simple. Earthy. Real. It’s the filter when we design our products… it’s how we like to do business… it’s how we’d like our world to be… Uncomplicated, down to earth and genuine.


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It was late 2012 when I walked through an Indian village, just one  week after proposing to my wife at the Taj Mahal. The noise of car horns and hawkers blending with the aromas of fresh curries and the visual bombardment of movement and colour was not unlike most villages in India, except it was here that I saw the raw, simple, beautiful leather bag that carved the first steps in a new path.

Fast forward a few months and there we are at our first market… in the pouring tropical rain… with a leaking tent. We sold one bag.

But we’ve come a fair way since that first rainy outing. Thousands of people right across Australia are now proud owners of an Indepal product that has been skilfully crafted by

third and fourth generation leather masters. Each item individually handmade using genuine, premium leather… and a lot of love.

I know we’re doing something right, when I watch our customers having a moment with our bags, just like I did back in that village in 2012. A touch, a smell, an admiring look… it makes me really humbled that people love Indepal bags as much as I do.

I hope you do too.

Pat Fleming
Managing Director, Indepal

Guided by our philosophy of Simple. Earthy. Real.® our bags are made from genuine premium leather. This means you won’t find any bonded, reconstituted or poly-urethane stuff at Indepal.

It’s all real leather made into simple, beautiful designs for people like you.

Enjoy exploring.

taj mahal-about us
taj mahal-about us

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for keeping it real.